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Selection of plate heat exchanger plates and sealing rubber pads
Aug 03, 2018

Plate heat exchanger plates are specially used in plate heat exchangers to isolate media and heat exchange plates. They are an important part of plate heat exchangers. Due to the quality of the plate heat exchanger plate, the overall performance and working condition of the plate heat exchanger are affected. Under this circumstance, the plate heat exchanger sheet industry is booming, and it also brings unlimited business opportunities.

A gasket is adhered to the corrugated sheet, and the gasket is designed as a double-channel sealing structure and has a signal hole. When the medium leaks from the first seal, it can be discharged from the signal hole, and the problem can be solved early, and the mixing of the two media is not caused. The plates are stamped and formed by extremely precise molds. Only one piece of the plate has the same precision, so there is uniform metal point contact between the plates to ensure the plate heat exchanger can be under high pressure. Normal operation, and can withstand the pressure shock of the system.

The plate design is based on the application of CAD/CAM technology, combined with advanced pressing technology, so that the plates have extremely high precision, so the use of thinner plates to improve heat transfer efficiency. The inlet and outlet of modern plate heat exchangers are all unilateral. To make full use of the entire heat exchange area, it is necessary to ensure that the fluid is evenly distributed throughout the plate.

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