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Appearance Requirements For Plate Heat Exchangers
Aug 03, 2018

Although the appearance of the plate heat exchanger does not directly affect its operation, if the appearance is unqualified, the long-term use will also affect the service life of the equipment, and thus its appearance needs to meet some requirements during production.

1. The paint film on the surface of the plate heat exchanger should be uniform and flat, free of defects such as bubbles, cracks and peeling. The test cabinet should be dry, clean and free of debris.

2. The dimensional error of the base should be less than 5‰, the error of the center distance of the equipment should be less than 2‰, the error of the bolt hole and center line of the equipment should be less than 2mm, and the horizontal deviation and vertical deviation of the pipeline should be less than 10mm.

3. When the plate heat exchanger is installed with flange, the deviation between the flange sealing surface and the center line of the nozzle shall not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the flange and not more than 3 mm.

4. The steam and water flow direction, the take-over mark and the unit sign are complete and correct.

The inspection of the appearance is part of the quality inspection of the plate heat exchanger and should not be ignored. Especially when the product has just been received, the appearance of the package inspection foundation should be opened first, and the acceptance will be carried out without any problem.

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