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Plate Heat Exchanger Installation And Use Method
Aug 03, 2018

Plate heat exchanger installation and use methods: plate heat exchangers are divided into two installation methods according to the presence of the saddle-free bracket. The first type, for a plate heat exchanger without a saddle bracket, the heat exchanger should be installed on the saddle base of the brick. The plate heat exchanger after installation is not fixed at the moment, and the whole plate can be expanded with the expansion. The change is free to move. Secondly, for the replacement of the plate with the saddle support, the concrete should be first laid on the foundation. After the dryness is completely dried, the saddle support and the ground concrete are completely fixed by the anchor bolts.

During the installation of the plate heat exchanger, sufficient space should be left at the front and rear ends of the heat exchanger for maintenance and cleaning. The heat exchanger shall not be operated under the conditions specified on the nameplate. The temperature and pressure of the heat exchanger medium shall be observed and analyzed to prevent abnormal operation of the heat exchanger.

The heat exchange effect of the plate heat exchanger has a great relationship with the scale. The more the scale, the less ideal the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the scale on the heat exchange sheet should be cleaned in time. In order to avoid excessive fouling affect the heat transfer effect. The company adheres to the quality policy of “leading technology, quality first, abide by the contract and wholehearted service”, and implements “scientific management to build brand, safe production guarantees health” and is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with customers at home and abroad.

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