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Research On Plate Heat Exchanger And Heating
Aug 03, 2018

The heat transfer coefficient exceeds the heat transfer coefficient of the tubular heat exchanger by 3 times. The experimental results fully indicate that the performance of the plate heat exchanger is much higher than that of the traditional tubular water heater, and the heat dissipation is much smaller. The reason is analyzed mainly because the tube water heater has large space outside the tube, the flow rate is small, the heat transfer coefficient is very low, and the flow velocity in the 10mm copper tube is too large, the distance is about 20m, so the resistance inside the tube is too large, and the result is too large. It consumes a lot of information, but the efficiency is still very low. The fluid velocity on both sides of the plate type water heater is relatively suitable. Although it is flowing in the tortuous passage, the flow resistance is not large because the flow distance is short and the heat transfer coefficient is high. Plate water heaters consume less data, and even if the price is the same as the aggressive water heater type, it can ensure a reasonable profit.

At a lower equipment cost, the heat exchange type heating water heater that uses tap water to heat the tap water can utilize the resources of the existing heating system and the tap water system. The less energy cost is supplied to the domestic hot water, and thus has gradually been recognized by the market and the user. Favor. Assume that the average household needs hot water per day is 100L. If it is heated at 30°C, the required heat is 12600kJ. If gas heating is used, the gas cost is about 1.7 yuan/d. If it is heated by electricity, the cost is about 2.02 yuan. /d; If heating with heating water, the cost is about 0.63 yuan / d, and will not significantly affect the heating quality.

The heating water heaters currently used on the market are mainly made of copper coils and cast iron casings. They are bulky and have a mass of about 50kg. Although water heaters made of copper pipes and stainless steel casings have recently been introduced, the quality of individual water heaters has been reduced to 810kg. However, the volume is still relatively large and the cost is increased. These heating water heaters only have a high heat transfer coefficient due to the high flow velocity and the turning effect on the inner side of the tube, and the shell side passage has a large cross section, a low flow rate, and a low heat transfer coefficient, so that the overall heat transfer coefficient is also low. Generally, the heating requirement cannot be reached when the water supply temperature is lower than 70 °C. In addition, if the water pressure is low, it is difficult to overcome the flow resistance in the elongated copper tube, and the amount of hot water is small. It can be seen that the heating water heaters currently used in the market have low technical content and poor performance.

The hot fluid and the cold fluid enter and exit through the four through holes at both ends of the bundle. The structure and characteristics of the brazed plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger composed of several stainless steel corrugated plates. Flow heat transfer in the channel. The plate type water heater has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, reliable quality and low interest rate. The plate type water heater developed by the author and related units (the corrugated plate enhanced heat transfer technology is used in Figure 1 to make the fluid on both sides flow in the tortuous passage countercurrent heat transfer, which can double the heat transfer coefficient. The shape is better than the existing copper. The pipe and casing products are much smaller and the performance has reached the level of brazed plate heat exchangers imported from abroad, but the price is very low.

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