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Plate Heat Exchanger Spares

  • Plate for Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

    HFM offers plates for all Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger models below.
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  • Plate for APV Plate Heat Exchanger

    APV plates offer innovative designs to match different requirements. The ER5 EasyFlow Plate is tailored for processing liquids with suspended material. With 90% fewer contact points than standard plates, the ER5 provides clear passage of products with less risk of pulp or...
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  • Plate for GEA Plate Heat Exchanger

    GEA plate for plate heat exchanger is with high performance in heating and cooling. NT series plates are specially developed for high-performance remote cooling systems requiring minimum temperature differences and maximum pressure-resistance. LWC series plates are based on...
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  • Plate for Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger

    Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger’s plate technology provide improved uniform distribution and higher design pressure capabilities. The entrance neck is designed for low pressure drop as well as low velocities for reliable erosion prevention. The distribution area is located at...
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  • Gasket for Thermowave Plate Heat Exchanger

    Thermowave plate heat exchangers includes gasketed and module-welded plate heat exchangers. In order to ensure the best possible gasketing performance for every application, gaskets for Thermowave plate heat exchangers are available in many different materials such as NBR,...
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  • Gasket for Fischer Plate Heat Exchanger

    HFM offers gaskets for all Fischer Plate Heat Exchanger models below. E-Series Models FP-Series Models
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  • Gasket for Mueller Plate Heat Exchanger

    Gaskets for Mueller plate heat exchangers are designed to positively locate in gasket grooves. The Lock-in gaskets speed the assembly process. They can be replaced during shutdown- saving time and money. And the Lock-in feature is available on most models. The materials of...
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  • Gasket for ITT Plate Heat Exchanger

    ITT Plateflow® heat exchangers provide more heat transfer in less space. The Plateflow® design is compact and efficient. Gaskets for ITT plate heat exchangers are with low maintenance. Plateflow models include a one-piece molded gasket. This standard gasket is designed with...
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  • Gasket for Hisaka Plate Heat Exchanger

    HISAKA Plate Heat Exchanger is used in almost all process industries, as such the gaskets are specifically selected based on the operating condition. A wide range of gaskets are available such as NBR, EPDM, IIR, FPM, Silicon, etc. 1. VERSATILE GASKET • Special Hisaka (S-1)...
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  • Gasket for Funke Plate Heat Exchanger

    Depending on the design and the type, adhesive and non-adhesive (Clip-system) gaskets may be used. As gasket materials, well known, proven and tested materials are used, such as: NBR (nitrile- rubber): universally applicable for aqueous and oil fluids e.g. water/oil...
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  • Gasket for Vicarb Plate Heat Exchanger

    HFM offers gaskets for all Vicarb Plate Heat Exchanger models below. V-Series Models - Clip-On, Glue, & Ball V-Series Double-Wall Models
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  • Gasket for Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger

    Tranter/ SWEP plate heat exchanger gaskets are in materials of Nitril EPDM FPM Viton. Max. working temp. Nitril 140°C EPDM 160°C FPM 180°C. Conventional Plates (GC) The corrugated plates have a gasket along the periphery. There are also gaskets around two of the four ports,...
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