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Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Plate Type Heat Exchanger

The plate type heat exchanger (PHE) is a specialized design well suited to transferring heat between medium- and low-pressure fluids. Welded, semi-welded and brazed heat exchangers are used for heat exchange between high-pressure fluids or where a more compact product is required. In place of a...

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The Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) is a specially designed design that is ideal for transferring heat between medium and low pressure fluids. Welded, semi-welded and brazed heat exchangers are used for heat exchange between high pressure fluids or for products that require a more compact. Instead of a conduit through the chamber, two alternating chambers, usually of thin depth, are separated by corrugated metal sheets at their largest surface. The plates used in the plate and frame heat exchanger are obtained by single piece pressing of the metal plates. Stainless steel is a common metal for sheets because it can withstand high temperatures, strength and corrosion resistance.

A plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that uses a metal plate to transfer heat between two fluids. This has the major advantage over conventional heat exchangers because the fluid is exposed to a larger surface area because the fluid spreads over the board. This facilitates the transfer of heat and greatly increases the speed of temperature changes. Larger industries now prefer to use gasketed plate heat exchangers.


  • Robust construction

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Reliable performance

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